It would be an honor to serve you in Springfield, and at home, as your State Representative in the Illinois 65th district. This campaign is not about me. It’s about an idea and vision. It’s about using reason, logic, ethics and good judgment in government. It is about fixing real problems and achieving common goals, by going back to basics like not spending more than you make. We need a balanced, common-sense approach to problem solving in Springfield that protects taxpayers, ends wasteful spending and restores accountability to a state government that has lost its way. 

I will be an energetic, independent-minded voice to bring reform and accountability to Illinois.

Together we can put Illinois back on the path towards a balanced budget and a forward-looking pro-growth economic agenda to attract, create, and retain quality new jobs for local families. Together we can restore accountability to Springfield and take pride once again in the Land of Lincoln. 

We have designed this site so that you can learn about me, my accomplishments and my vision for the future of our State. If you have questions, comments or would like to volunteer to help, please contact us through this website, the more people I talk to, and the more voices and opinions I hear, the better a legislator I can become. 

I am pleased to offer my candidacy for nomination as the Republican candidate for state representative for the 65th District. I ask for your support and your help. 

All my best,


In the News

The Daily Herald endorses Steve Andersson for the 65th District
Andersson also wants to go after double dipping from public pension systems. For those reasons, Andersson is endorsed.

The Illinois Observer endorses Steve Andersson for the 65th District

Attorney Steven Andersson, who has served as both a trustee and treasurer on the Geneva Library District Board for nearly 5 years, has a wealth of local government experience. He has been General Counsel for the Village of Montgomery, the Village of Sugar Grove, the Village of Hinckley and Counsel for the MetroWest Council of Government. That experience has won Andersson the confidence and the endorsements of 62 elected local leaders throughout Kane County and Northern Illinois, including, most important, the highly respected State Senator Karen McConnaughay (R-St. Charles). He is the right person for the district. Andersson is endorsed.


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